Working Dogs
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We all know that dogs are amazing creatures to have in our homes. They provide us with a sense of security and comfort. But the dogs that work in the service industry are remarkable.

Search and Rescue Dogs

These are truly special dogs. They will not let anything stand in their way to help a person in need and are often so committed that they put themselves at risk.

These dogs undergo an intensive training before they are partnered with a person and then even more training once they find the perfect partner. The bond that is formed between the two is an essential part of the success of any mission.

The Search Dog Foundation is an institute that trains dogs for working in the Search and Rescue Industry. They take in dogs that have been abandoned and abused. As a non profit organisation SDF is always looking for a helping hand. Take a look at their website and you may find a way that you too can help out.

K9s or Police Dogs

These are the wonders that assist the cops in their line of duty. They are used in to track down criminals, to sniff out drugs, weapons and even bombs.

This is where the dog nose comes in very handy again.

It is complete myth that drug sniffing dogs are addicts which is why they go after the drugs. They are trained to sniff out several things apart from drugs, so it would be ridiculous to assume that they need another fix.

You will often see the sniffer dogs at airports and border crossings. They can effectively 'case the joint' far faster than any human can. They are trained to sit down when they find anything suspicious, imagine how the criminals must feel when the dog sits down next to his car at the border.

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