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Working dogs are like children, they are demanding, destructive and disobedient unless, they are house trained. Most dogs can be trained to work but this group of dog breeds was actually bred to work so it is instinctive.

When faced with a situation such as a herd of sheep a working dog bred for herding will instinctively spring into action. He may get it wrong at first but with subtle guidance you will be amazed at how quickly they can pick it up. This is because, as I said, it is an instinct.

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Herding Dog Breeds

These are intelligent dogs and if handled correctly they are easy to train, especially if you know some mind control techniques. They are highly excitable so draining their excess energy is a must.

Herding dogs used to have to serve a multitude of tasks on the farm, herding, guarding, hunting and babysitting the children. You must realise that these dogs are bred to work and as such they are very active and without some form of outlet they won’t do well.


German Shepherd
Mountain Dog

Old English Sheep Dog

Given enough rein they will out run, out last and outwit you.

Repeat after me ‘I am in control. I am the pack leader’ and before you adopt one of these dogs definitely do your research, with good training they are incredible, but without be warned.

Tips to keep them busy

  • They will require a great deal of exercise and it will seem as though they never tire. A good solution for this is to get a backpack which serves to make them feel useful plus the extra weight helps to drain some of the limitless energy.
  • Buy a ball and play soccer with them. Initially you will have to play but after a while they get the hang of it and start herding the ball themselves. Maybe we should get them to train some of our soccer teams.
  • Frisbees. They love games that make them run and jump.

I wondered why the Frisbee was getting closer and then it hit me.

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Working Dog Breeds