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Cats, cats and more cats. Some interesting trivia about different types of cats that people have just lazing around their homes.

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Talking Cats
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Talking Cats

Talking Cats

Those of you who have shared accommodations with the Siamese will totally understand why I have included vocal in the considerations.

When a cat wants to be vocal they will be very vocal and unlike the dog, shutting them up is not an option, unless of course you feed them. This could lead to the ‘fat cat’ syndrome.

Below I have made a list of the talking cats.

Oriental Cat Scottish Fold Burmese
Scottish Fold

Bombay Cat Siamese Tonkinese

If a cat wants attention it will carry on and on and on until it gets its own way, this can be part of their charm or if you’re not it the mood it can be maddeningly annoying.

“If purring could be encapsulated, it'd be the most powerful anti-depressant on the pharmaceutical market.”
~Alexis F. Hope


Three Kittens

Of course the Moggies are the best types of cats out there.

Now I must confess I personally have not had any contact with pedigree cats, my cats have always either, popped in for a visit in from somewhere else and then forgotten where they came from and stayed, or have come from rescue centres. They may or may not have been pedigree cats, only they know.

I must say that judging from all the crossing and you know what going on in the cat breed world, how would one know if your cat is a moggie or a pedigree. These types of cats come in all shapes and sizes and all colours and characters. Surprise yourself and adopt an alley cat.

Calico Cats

Noisy Calico Cat

These are the most beautiful tri coloured cats, with their patchwork black, ginger and white coats. Strangely enough a most of these cats are female, it is very rare to find a true calico male. They are considered to be a very lucky charm.

Tortoiseshell Cats

Crazy Tortoiseshell Kitten

These are the mangiest looking cats you have ever seen with their brindled ginger and black coats. Once again many females, renowned for their feisty characters. Yeh you go girls!

Black Cats

Black Cat

Unlike the Calico cat Black cats have been maligned as being unlucky. It is said that they are witches that turn themselves into black cats at night. Yeh sure!

Tabby Cats

How to identify a tabby cat? It is the one with the 'M' on its forehead. 'M' the Mighty Manipulator, 'M' the Moody One and 'M' the Mild One.

These aMMMazing wonders come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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