Eager Enthusiastic and Slightly Insane These Are The
Sled Dog Breeds

All sled dog breeds are very intelligent and if unemployed they can and will become a destructive nuisance. Careful research is required when adopting one of these dogs.

Even when adopting a mutt remember, if it bears any resemblance to a working dog breed, then the genetics are there.

These dogs were used as the main form of transport for things such as medicine and mail and were essential to the survival of the Alaskan people.

They are heavily muscled, powerful, and energetic and built for endurance. Sled dogs are working dogs and as such without stimulation they will become bored and mischievous.


Sled dogs are always eager to please and this means that they really aren’t very good as watch dogs. They love to work but they need to work with you, and you need to be the boss or else be prepared to go head to head with a stubborn streak that would make a mule look like a lamb.

Tips for keeping them busy

  • Give them something to chew on. At a young age start them on carrots and soup bones. A nice strong piece of knotted rope is also a good chew toy.
  • They like to keep watch on things so a raised area for them to view the world.
  • Digging and storing their stuff is almost a passion with them, so if you value your garden rather make them a sand pit that they can use as a pantry or closet.
  • Remember these dogs are bred to run so keep them on a leash at all times until you are comfortable that they are trained. A harness makes it easier for you to control them because if they make a dash it will be like trying to stop a freight train.
  • To keep them well exercised do yourself and them a favour and start cycling with them. Buy an attachment that fits onto your bike and bobs your uncle away you go.
  • They are intrinsically pack dogs so they do not like to be left alone, better to keep them with you as much as possible and remember you must establish yourself as the pack leader.

Photo by ©Stuart Blacklock

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