Siamese Cat Names
Because Even Rogues
Have Names

Cool Cat Names with meanings, for the Siamese cats.


Of royal linage. You know the type!

CHUKI (chew-key)

Cutey with a kick like a kung fu master.

Chuki stars in Cars she is a Japanese news reader by day and singer in band by night.


A duchess is a royal lady. The regal looking longer, haired Siamese relatives.

Duchess is from Aristocats

KIARA (key-ar-a)

The one that holds the key to your heart. Kiara or Ki-Ki, just a good name, for any of those kitties, that steal a piece of your heart.

KHAN in Shere Khan

The king of the hill. The ruler of the roost, the master of the bed...

From The Jungle book

MEI- LING (may-ling)

Charming Chinese warrior.

The ideal name for a kinda Siamese looking cat. Think of their outward beauty and grace but inside lies the true survivor.

PO in Master Po Ping

A Po is a lazy slacker.

Ku Fu Panda

SHIRA (she-ra)

Shira is an abbreviation from She Rocks.

Shira is the tough lady in Ice Age so this is suitable for those really cool mean ladies of the feline community.


Smart aleck with attitude.

In the Movie Incredible Journey Sassy is a hoity-toity Himalayan (which is a long haired Siamese.)

SHIFU in Master Shifu

Oh yea of the Zen gardens. This one is for the more laid back Siamese cat.

Shifu comes from the land of The Kung Fu Panda

TAO (tay-oh)

A Tao has the path to multiple personalities.

In the book Incredible Journey Tao is a svelte, majestic Siamese cat that has a bit of an identity crisis and actually behaves more like a dog.


Zazu is something that is full of hot air. Those Siamese cats that just go on and on and...

Lion King

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