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Poisonous House Plants
Pets Beware

A compiled selection, with photos, of the more common poisonous house plants, that are a danger to our pets. The really scary thing is that while doing this I discovered that I have half these plants in my garden, luckily I don’t have very green fingers, in fact brown thumb would be more apt, so I do not have any plants in my house.

I do not profess to being a gardener although I love my garden, plants to me are just that, plants, not long complicated names so when confronted by a long list of plant names confusion reigns, hopefully the pictures below will help us all.

Poisonous plants Poisonous plants Poisonous plants
Angels Wings

Available in a range of colours, green with a veined variegation of pink, white, red or cream.
Flamingo Lilys

Large heart shaped leaf with a heart shaped flower with an almost waxy texture. Flowers can be any shade of red.
Glossy green leaves and clusters of bright coloured flowers.

poisonous plants  poisonous plants  poisonous plants
Has a few long narrow green leaves. A bunch of orange flowers form on one stem in a posy.
The leaves are multicoloured and have an almost waxy texture.
Crown of Thorns
(Euphorbia Milii)
This plant has a thick woody stem that is covered in thorns. The flowers can be pink, red, yellow or white.

poisonous plants  poisonous plants  poisonous plants
Narcissus Pseudonarcissus)
A bulb plant with a few long tapered green leaves. Has yellow or yellow and white flowers shaped like a bell with a skirt.
Devils Backbone
(Kalanchoe Daigremontiana)
Also known as Slipper flower. The stem grows in a zig zag with a small leaf from each point of the zig and the zag.
Devils Trumpet
(Datura Innoxia))
No I haven’t suddenly lost my sense of direction, the picture is the right way up. This contains the well known toxin ‘Belladonna’. The fruit is a spiky ball almost like that of the Thistle.

poisonous plants  poisonous plants  poisonous plants
The poison is actually in the bulb. Has a few green narrow long leaves and a stem with a cluster of flowers. Many colour variations.
Hydrangea has a posy of flowers in the shape of a ball. The flowers can be pink, lilac, blue or white but they also change colour depending on the type of soil they are planted in.
(Hedera Helix)
There is a lots of debate about which Ivy is poisonous but to be safe keep it out of reach. It has a leaf with three points can be green or green edged with white. It grows as a creeper.

poisonous plants  poisonous plants  poisonous plants
Mistletoe is not Holly. Mistletoe has white berries and Holly has red berries, so a lot of us that have been kissing under the Holly have been robbed.
(Nerium Oleander)
All parts of this plant are deadly, one leaf can kill child. It has straight thin green leaves about 12 cm long. The flowers grow in bunches and can be pink, red, yellow or white.
(Vinca Minor)
Often used as a ground cover.

poisonous plants  poisonous plants  poisonous plants
Delicious Monster
Be careful of this one it comes in all shapes and sizes these are just a few, rule of thumb if the leaf is heart shaped move it out of reach.
SweetHeart Plant
These come in all colours not just the one a shown here. Only some are poisonous but to be safe move all of them out of reach.

My recommendation is that if your pet is nibbling on a plant or, digging around a plant, move the pet away from that area. If it happens to be indoors and you are not able to relocate the plant to a less accessible area then find out what the plant is and if it is poisonous.

Should you suspect that your pet has digested something poisonous then take a sample of the plant with you to the vet. I always have activated charcoal in my first aid kit and it is an immediate treatment for poison.

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