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Pet Rescue Centres
Pets Pay The Price

Why do we need them and what do they do? It is a sad fact that since the day man first domesticated animals we too started on a long road of abusing them. Sometimes it is not a conscious or intentional action but none the less it is an action that causes pain and suffering.

This is where the heroes that are the pet rescue centres step in. They all bond together in one mutual belief, the right of animals to be free from cruelty, neglect and abuse.

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Why Do We Need Them?

Let’s look at the facts

  • The average cat can have two litters of kittens in a year and each litter is about five kittens.

    Therefore if a cat has say two litters a year for 8 years that means-

      Mommy + Daddy X 8 years = 80 more cats.

    An average household owns 2.2 cats, that is two cats plus a cats tail, very weird statistic (maybe that is where the Manx cats tail goes). So, in conclusion from two cats we need 36 more homes for the babies.

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How many cats?

  • Dogs become sexually active between 6 to 18 months and can have between 5 to 8 litters in a lifetime. Each litter can be about six puppies.

    That means 1 female dog and 1 maybe two maybe even more male dogs, dogs can give birth to puppies from more than one father x 6 litters x 6 puppies = 36 more dogs which in turn equals 18 more homes needed.

Birds such as parrots, cockatoos and macaws have a very long lifespan sometimes beyond 50 years. So if a 20 year old gets a bird, it will be there for every move, at the birth of each child and at the birth of each grandchild.

Say they take only one holiday per year for an average of 30 years that means they will have to find a baby sitter for the pet for at least 210 days.

What Do They Do?

Finding homes for the many millions of abandoned, abused and homeless animals around the world is one of the top priorities of most rescue centres.

They will first check the animal for any disease, this is something most rescue centres are very careful about as any disease can spread quickly through the centre and will end up costing them valuable resources that can be best spent on other areas.

The animal will then be housed and fed in the shelter until it can be re-homed. Sadly some have to be put down and there are a lot of people who judge this practice harshly, but sometimes this is unavoidable.

Many pet rescue centres offer other services such as training and kennelling. Even if they don’t offer the services themselves they will be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

Most centres make certain that the pet is spayed or neutered before they release it into a new home and some even offer the service of micro chipping.

Give life a second chance and adopt a pet from a pet rescue centre. Adopting any pet from an animal shelter will save the life of that animal and that is a truly worthy ambition to strive for.

This does not mean that you have to settle for a mutt or a mangy cat, although these too are available, you may want a pedigree, well the good news is even the well bred fellows are available at rescue centres.

There are rescue centres that have all types of pets and most centres offer the service of a waiting list, so you can get exactly what you want.

The first thing to do is to contact one of your local pet rescue centres, the ever helpful staff will always be able to point you in the right direction, even if they do not have the particular breed or pet type you are looking for.

If you do not want to take on the full time commitment of a pet, but have a hankering for some short term love then why not contact a rescue centre that fosters out the homeless animals and become a part time parent.

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