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Welcome to the pet rescue centres listing service. If you have a centre or know of a centre that needs to be listed then please follow the instructions below. There is no charge for this service.

There are two ways to do it, General Listing or Page Listing. Don’t worry it is not complicated and you will be guided step by step through the process.

General Listing

A general listing on the pet rescue centres pages will look like this...

Name Of Pet Rescue Centre

Name of pet rescue centre is a pro life centre with a hands on approach to the care of their rescues.

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Foster: Yes
  • Volunteer: Yes

Contact Details: Tel XXXXXXXXX E-mail XXXXXXXXX

You will need to provide information on where you are, your contact details and whether you use fostering services or not. People will also need to know what animals you rescue and rehome.

A few lines describing yourselves will help us. If you already have a website please do not repeat what you have there. To list click here and complete the form.

You will be contacted once the listing is live on the net. We will not provide a link to your website here; if you do want a link then keep reading the next step is for you.

Page Listing

This is more work on your part but far more exposure. You will be listed on the general listing which will lead our visitors to your page. This is a page that you will create, once again don’t worry it is not complicated and we will guide you along the way.

On this page you may provide a link to either

  • Your Website
  • Your Facebook Page or
  • Your Google+ Page

You may also add your Twitter address if you are into tweeting.

You will need to add some art work. Guidelines on presenting the best images for the internet are

  • Crop as much unnecessary background out as possible.
  • Resize it – follow the examples given below and you should be ok.
  • Save it as a jpeg.

If you do not have a photo editing program.

PC users download Picasa here

Mac users can downlaod IPhoto here

Your options are...

Your Logo – Width 450 pixels maximum and Height 150 pixels. It will look like this


Photographs- Best downloading size is – Width- 400 pixels maximum height 300 pixels (roughly).

Then we need you to tell us something about your services. Please try not to repeat word for word things from your website, this is frowned upon by Google, Yahoo and Bing. So keep it original. A minimum of 300 words is best.


If you are like most of us and get hit with a severe case of writers block when confronted by a blank page here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • What services do you offer, tagging, innoculations and so on?
  • How much does it cost and what is the process?
  • Client references are always good to add.
  • Remember to include your contact details and a link to your website should you have one.

Complete the above and send it to us at or alternatively return to the general listing.

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