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Where To Find Pets

Have you decided to get a pet? Then please read on, we want to show you the right place to find pets. This is an important step and we can help you make the right decision.

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Pet Rescue Centres Around The World

To find a rescue centre close to you please visit our listings. You can also list a pet rescue centre.

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Pet Rescue Centres in UK

Please adopt a stray, Visit to find links to rescue pet rescue centres in and around the UK.

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Pet Rescue Centres In USA

A place to get started when you are deciding on bringing a new pet into your home. Please consider a rescue. Here are some places in the good ol USA.

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More Humour

We have just added some more crazzy funny pictures to our gallery. Be sure to head on in and take a look.

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Cool Cat Names and Meanings

Let us help you find the purrfect name for your purrfect kitty! Cool cat names and meanings for all kinds of kitties.

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Amuse Yourself with These Heart Warming Funny Pet Pictures

If you feel the need for a smile, a giggle or even a good old cackle browse through our funny pet pictures and lighten up your day. You never know they may even remind you of someone you know!

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