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Cool Cat Names with meanings for the tomcats of the feline community.

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Baloo is not quite black, not quite grey more like baloo.

Ok so we discussed the blue vs grey cat thing but still this is a good one for a Blue cat.

Baloo is the Sloth Bear from Jungle Book. “It’s just the bare necessities...


Slightly gaga.

I have no idea where this one comes from but it still seems to suit several cats that I have met.


Catzilla is the feline version of the Tasmanian devil.

Imagine this scenario you are lying peacefully on your couch watching TV and intermittently dozing. Your arm is hanging over the side of the couch, suddenly, you feel as though it is being ripped from the socket.

You guessed it, Catzilla strikes again.

Catzilla is a sabre toothed cat featured in Garfield


Means bouncy and bedraggled.

Obviously another good pet cat name for the grey, I mean blue cats.

Dusty is one half of the partnership Rusty and Dusty the owners of Rust Eze in the animated feature Cars.

DC in That Darn Cat

That Darn Cat @#$%^

FRANK in Frank n Stein

This is the gothic feline.

GEORGE in George of the Jungle

Means tree huggers.

This is a good name for high flying cats that are always in the tree or on the roof. Basically anywhere out of reach.

GONZALES in Speedy Gonzales

Supersonically swift.

If you don’t know what I mean yet, you will soon find out when you experience your first cat mad half hour.

JABBA in Jabba The Hut

Cantankerous old fart. This is specially for the Star Wars Fanatics.


(moo-fa-sa)The mighty one. Don't mess with this one!

From The Lion King


To be a nermal is to be bewitching and charming.

Nermel is Garfield’s nemesis.

PEPE (pep-e) in Pepe le Pew

Funky Casanova. Must be black and white and must be available for lots and lots of lovin.

Pepe le Pew is a skunk from Looney tunes.


The one and only Romeo. Ow there’s another good name Romeo.

Ramone is the graffiti artist in Cars.


If you need a definition for this one then I seriously need to know what planet are you from?


If you are a Sylvester then you are an ornithologist. If you don't know what that means be sure to look it up.

I am sure we all know and love Sylvester “ I taut I saw a puddy tat”


Meaning is OCD.

Scrat is the squirrel you see in the opening scenes of Ice Age. He too is so famous that he has own following.


Means to have flashing eyeballs. Crazy, crazy cats deserve this name.

Another star from Ice age.

SULLY in James P Sullivan

Means to mellow out or take it easy.

The big blue one in Monsters Inc.


A Tigger is kind of a tiger but not quite a tiger.

Winnie the pooh

THOMAS in Thomas O Mally

If you are a Thomas you are streetwise and savvy. So if your cat is a bit of a marauder, then this is the name.

From the Disney feature The Aristocrats.

Need to see more. We have names for the...

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