Life With a Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers, they are those cute little dogs that you see on greeting cards with bows in their hair, sitting quietly and looking very angelic. Well not mine. He is a true thoroughbred thug, no class whatsoever and with the temperament of a psychopath. Don’t get me wrong I love him to bits but he is certainly a classic example of a child that only a mother could love.

This dog ruled the roost from the first day I brought him home. He was so tiny we had to put a bell on him so that we wouldn’t lose him. When he was outside someone had to stand guard because we were worried that some raptor would mistake him for a meal and swoop down and steal him.

We lived in Swaziland and often used to take cross border trips into South Africa and leaving him behind was not an option. He would destroy the house, anything that could be chewed was, including tax returns and my daughters’ English file. “My dog ate my homework...yeh sure”.

He would rearrange all the shoes moving them from one room to another. I have often wondered if this was because he knew that if we had shoes we could go somewhere so, in his mind, if he lost our shoes we had to stay home. We have since adopted another dog, a mutt, and he does the same thing, at night I can hear him clomping down the stairs with a shoe, and mornings are filled with kids hunting for school shoes.
We eventually obtained a passport for the yorkie and he would travel with us.

He is a true terrier with the heart of a lion and will take on anything and anybody to protect his turf. He can in fact become quite hysterical in his assault and one day he got so carried away that he fell off our deck, (which is about six metres off the ground), needless to say this did not stop him in his pursuit of the offending intruder.

He once managed to get out of the gate and started chasing a lady down the road, barking like crazy and desperately trying to nip at her heels. Well she just turned around and whacked him one with her handbag. She knocked his front teeth out, do you think this slowed him down, not even for a second.

Feeding a yorkie is like having to open a five star restaurant. They are the fussiest dogs around. Even the food specifically designed for them is often not good enough. Ours approaches his food bowl like he is approaching a nest of vipers. He will examine it and then turn away and ignore it for a while, then slowly approach it again and then back away. Bear in mind that we also have a Labrador, so there is never any uneaten food in the house, but she will not venture near his bowl until she gets the signal from him that he is finished.

He is now twelve years old and still rules the roost, although he is over indulged in a lot of ways we would never have been able to turn him into a diva, he is way too independent for that.

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