Guardian Dog Breeds
Brains and Brawn

First thing I noticed about this group of guardian dog breeds is that we have a whole lot of droolers here. Which is probably why they are such good guard dogs, everything is really running away from the spit spaghetti. That and the intimidating size of most of these dogs.

Due to their being bred as guard dogs, to protect livestock, these dogs are very territorial, except maybe the Great Dane who is a wimp.

Mountain Dogs
New Foundland
St Bernard

Bull Mastiff

Great Dane

Right so now is the time for you to be numero uno, the leader, yep “THE ALPHA DOG”.

These dogs are big and scary so the sooner you gain control over them the better. You, yes you, are going to have to teach these guys their place in the home.

  • Keep a cool head. No point in ranting and raving, they do not understand half of what you are saying anyway. Why waste all that energy?
  • If they don’t listen or behave badly treat them as you would a child, time out. Ignoring them is a great tool because a lot of bad behaviour is really an attention gaining tactic.
  • Remember they react on instinct so your discipline needs to be swift and firm. A squirt bottle filled with lemon water is a great tool to make them change their mind set.
  • As early as possible in their lives with you, you must touch them. Make them roll onto their back and rub their tummies, stick your fingers in their mouths. Rub in between their toes. This is a great way of establishing a dominant bond over them.

P.S. Great Danes do make great guard dogs, they have a bark that with blow the door right out of its frame. Plus have you seen the size of them?

This group of dog breeds encompasses some of the largest and strongest of the canine factors. Once again a word of warning, the characteristics listed are a general guide only, if you feel the need to adopt one of these fellows, do your homework, they will be marking you and if you do well you will pass but failure will be disastrous.

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Guardian Dog Breeds

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