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The animal is always right. When in doubt, ask the animal.
(The essence of animal physiology)

Funny bunny with big head

I know I’ve got big ears and a big forehead and that my hair sticks up. I’m not necessarily trying to win a beauty pageant here.
~ Clay Aiken~

Photo by Stuart Barr

That's my bo

Funny bird on gat

Jock Gets Lost

Jock the parrot loves to watch the world outside his gate. His favourite pastime is to mimic all the people walking by on their way to work. They find this hilarious and their laughter encourages him even more.

Unfortunately there have been a few times that passersby have assumed he is lost. These kindly souls have then ‘rescued’ him, sending everyone into frantic panics while they try to find Jock again.

The solution to the problem was to place this notice on the gate. Jock is home safe and sound, and still providing entertainment from his perch on the gate.

Funny bird and snake

Funny bird greetin
 Funny bir in shirt

The Perfect Assistant.

I have done some strange interviews in my life but this was by far the cutest. This little parrot climbed off his cage and hopped into the shirt of one of the shop assistants. He happily stayed there while she fed all the other birds and then suddenly he disappeared inside her shirt.

I was silently panicking thinking he was going to be crushed or fall to his death, but she just kept on with her work. He explored around inside her shirt, going down her sleeve and around the back and finally out he pooped again at the front.



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