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This is the place where you can laugh at the cat without offending it.

A purring cat can make us feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel as if we have done something right. Some purrs have been compared to chainsaws and a diesel engines but, whatever the purr, we know when we hear that sound life must be good.

Funny Cats were worshipped

Photo by Shuan Clark

Thousands of years ago the Cats were worshipped as Gods.

They have never forgotten this.


Photo by Goran Nyqvist

Cat with funny ear

Cat has a phon

Burn your computer. Blow up yor cell phone. Bludgeon your TV. This my friend is the secret to inner peace.~Brian Vaszily

Boy and Cat Sleepin

Photo by Jack Fitzpatrick

Funny Cat Muphas

Funny Cat with Aura

Photo by Ema Jarosiewicz


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