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Where To Find Pets

Ok so now you are ready. You have decided on what pet you want, you’ve done your homework. You have haven’t you? Now where to find pets? Let us explore our options.

Macaw parrot

Rescue Centres and Shelters

This is should obviously be your first choice. The pets that are at animal shelters are in desperate needs of homes. Just one word of warning though, when you visit these places you need to harden your heart, otherwise you could well end up with a menagerie at home.

The health of pets in rescue centres is often far better because they are being taken care of by people who love animals and whose main interest is in finding good homes for these animals.

There are rescue centres even for purebred pets, so if let’s say you are looking for a purebred dog like a pug, you will find a pug rescue centre. Most rescue centres take in all kinds of pets even hamsters so first place where to find pets is... yep you guessed it, rescue centres.

Cute Rescue Puppy

Internet Sites

    Caution, caution, caution! The internet abounds with scams, and our poor unsuspecting pets are not immune to this.


    Always view a prospective pet in its home environment. There is no way you can judge whether these adverts are from legit people or indiscriminate breeders. Never make an appointment and purchase the pet in the same day. Tell the people you will be back and then drop in and surprise them. Things may be different the second time.


    Why do people want to breed pets when there are so many homeless pets, even pedigrees? Beware of pet classifieds that advertise themselves as breeders these are often places that breed pets for profit.

Pet Stores

    In my opinion pet stores should sell pet products and not pets. They often don’t have the facilities to house the animals properly and then you have people picking up and touching the animals which just stresses them out.

    Never forget these places are businesses and need to make money. You need to ask yourself and them where the animal has come from. I have read stories about exotic pets such as birds being exported in taped up toilet rolls.

Doggie Walk

So in conclusion the do’s and don’ts of pet adoption are...

  • Make sure to see the pet in its home environment, unless it is at a rescue centre.
  • Don’t support pet mills – You buy, they make money, breed more, import more, a vicious cycle.
  • Beware of internet Scams.
  • If you are satisfied that a breeder is not in it for the money make sure that you are allowed to return the pet if you are not satisfied.
  • Make absolutely certain you know where the animal has come from, the traffic in exotic pets is worth millions and some of the means used to transport these animals are horrendous. One report stated that only one in fifty animals survives.
  • And last but not least where to find pets...of course your local rescue centre, they may want to vet you first but this is a good thing, it means they care about the animal!

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