Female Cat Names
For The Ladies

Cool Cat Names with meanings for the ladies of the feline community.

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Abatha is the Good Witch of the east who lives in the land of Oz, as in The Wizard of Oz .

Purrfect for the black cat, remember they are, after all, witches in the day time!


These are the three superhero ladies featured in the Powerpuff Girls.

Blossom is clever and aloof.

Bubbles is cute but very, very noisy.

Buttercup is tough and plays hard and rough.


Abbreviated from dorky meaning ‘not the brightest bulb in the lighthouse’

Dory is Nemos rather forgetful guide in Finding Nemo


To be a giselle means that you are a Graceful Goddess. Giselle or Gi-Gi is for those magnificent over indulged female felines.

Giselle is Elliot’s love In Open Season. Giselle is also the main character in Enchanted.


Oh yea of many colours.

Kailiko is a character from one of the many Little Wizard Stories of Oz.


A munchkin is like a gremlin but not so mean.

Munchkin is not really a character but a place in the Wizard of Oz it just sounds like a good cat name and it is famous.

PENELOPE ...as in Penelope Pussy Cat

Means irresistible to skunks.

Penelope is Pepe Le Pew's greatest love in one of the Looney Tunes animated series.


A snowbell is an avalanche of frost. Think of frosty white cats.

Snowbell is the cat in Stuart Little

SHIRA (she-ra)

Means She Rocks

Shira is the tough lady in Ice Age so this is suitable for those really cool mean ladies of the feline community.


A Sassy is a smart aleck with attitude.

In the Movie Incredible Journey Sassy is a hoity-toity Himalayan (which is a long haired Siamese.)


Invader of my space, my bb and my pc. That darn cat that is always messing up your computer, sleeping on your keyboard and just generally always in your space.

Trixie the Triceratops from Toy Story3 is so famous she even has her own FB page.

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