My Fat Labrador

I actually don’t know if my dog is a fat Labrador or a small donkey. When it comes to bath time she is definitely more in donkey mode, it takes three of us to get her into the shower and the shower looks like an aftermath scene from a hurricane.

This mind you is a dog that loves water, any water, any weather, any time. At one time I was trying to treat her for a skin condition and this required rubbing ointment on the affected areas. I was concerned about her swimming so I closed up the pool, no problem she went next door and wallowed in their duck pond. Whew!... you have no idea how badly she smelled. She is such a fat Labrador that she resembles a wallowing walrus.

Fat Labrador and water

You may well be wandering what they are waiting for, well one day I opened the gate to let them out and this family of geese came swimming down the canal. They have never forgotten that day and will often just stand waiting and hoping for a repeat performance.

Why did I choose a Labrador?

Fat Labrador

Well I did my research and found them to be one of the top ten dogs people have as pets and with over 70 million people owning dogs in the world how could they be wrong.

They are renowned for their intelligence and this I can agree with. My Labrador is extremely intelligent, but this is accompanied by a stubborn streak that would put a teenager to shame. I am not sure if this is normal but one would think so.

They are after all one of the top working dogs in the world and the bulk of them work with visually impaired people. To do this they have to have a mind of their own, no matter what their partner may want they have to do what is the safest. Now if only I could harness that ability in my fat Labrador.

They are really good with people and especially children. Well the last part was essential for me as I have a son who is part dog and any addition to our family needs to respect him as part of the pack.

Although she is very tolerant of any family members and will pretty much put up with anything (apart from bathing), the one thing that did surprise me is how protective she is. This is not a bad thing by any means just a little out of character for Labradors.

We are grateful as we live on a plot on the outskirts of town and crime is an issue in our area, but my big fat white Labrador has earned herself quite a reputation and she makes us feel safe.

Now we come to the crux of the matter with Labradors, chewing. When I did my research I found out that they can become very destructive if they are bored. Well this certainly wasn’t going to be a problem for me was it? After all I have a son who loves dogs, I live on a large plot, she will be trained and she will get a lot of exercise so she will never be bored.

So much for that, firstly she was kicked out of training school, I am sure you have all seen the movie Marley and Me. Do you remember the scene with the trainer? That is an exact re-inaction of what happened with us a training school.

Eventually the trainer took me aside and very gently explained to me that my dog was a juvenile delinquent, she was totally un-trainable plus she was disrupting the class so she would give me a full refund if I removed her.

It also does not matter how much exercise she gets, she just loves to chew. She gets this spaced out expression on her face when she is chewing. Over the years I have lost count of how many blankets she has eaten. Not just chewed but actually eaten. She will eat anything especially when she is on diet, which is a large percentage of the time.

Despite all this our fat Labrador is still one of the greatest dogs in the world who loves us all unconditionally.

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