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Domestic Cat Breeds

Normally the consideration of what domestic cat breed to choose does not worry most people. Especially as most ‘pedigree’ cats are cousins of another cat breed. Much cross pollination going on in the cat world.

Considering some of the bizarre looking cats it must mean that character is the most sought after quality.

Just click on any of the links below to see some of the more popular breeds or, keep reading and you can explore them all.

If you do wish to adopt a pedigree cat then I suggest you take a look at your local Cat Fanciers Association, (yes that is really what it is called) to check the specs, so to speak, on each pedigree domestic cat breed.

Siamese and Their Many Relatives

There is a true rogue in the cat community, the Siamese. This little fellow has planted his seed in many places along the way even in the long haired domestic cat population, he certainly knows how to get around.

There are several different types of Siamese but we are going to show you just how much of a true socialist this little fellow is by exploring the different domestic cat breeds that have some connection to the Siamese.

If it looks like a Siamese and talks like a Siamese well...there must be Siamese there somewhere.


Loud extroverted cats, that loves to be the centre of attention. This is the most expressive of the talking cats and they have no volume button.

Take note, if you intend having more than one cat and only one will be a Siamese then make sure to first introduce the other cat into your home before bringing in the Siamese, they become quite territorial and are nasty to newcomers.
(Short haired)


Photo by Stephanie Lauren

This is a mix of Siamese and Burmese that looks a bit like a Siamese that has been bleached. They have a great repartee of purrs and are extremely affectionate.


Some Cat Fanciers Associations list these cats under Persian some under Siamese. This should be enough to give this very gentle natured cat an identity crisis but not so.

They don’t care, call them what you want as long as they have your lap to lie in they are as happy as can be.

Balinese and Javanese

The 'bright sparks’ of the cat community, they are ranked top of the intelligence scale. These are long haired Siamese with the same extroverted temperament only not as chatter boxy or as loud as their Siamese cousins.


Photo by Susanne Samuelson

Another Siamese cousin but a little more balanced on the personality side. Birmans or is it Birmen need people around them and become very attached to their owners.
(Long haired)


Photo by Willem Grove

So called because when you pick it up it goes limp like a ragdoll. Cousin or second cousin or maybe even third cousin, there is Siamese in there somewhere.
(Long haired)


Photo by Rick Tolboom

These cats are very talkative and insistent on attention all the time. They have really big ears, probably means they have supersonic hearing so don’t think you are going to keep any secrets from them.
(Long and short haired)

Blue Cats

So enough with the Siamese cats, let’s move on to the Blue cats which aren’t really blue they are grey but maybe my computer monitor needs adjusting. To me the laymen, so to speak, they all look the same but don’t make the same mistake I did. When in doubt, say nothing.

Despite them not being related they all seem for some reason to possess the same gentle, amorous natures.

British Shorthair

Photo by Alfred Borchard

'The lazy ones’ very placid cats.


Photo by Jelle Boontje

'The silent ones’ called a mute because doesn’t meow at all. This is also a very rare breed of cat.


Photo by Rus M

‘The lucky ones’ they are known as Si-Swat in Thailand, Si means colour and Swat means good fortune.

Russian Blue

'The Peaceful ones’ they rarely bite or scratch


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Domestic Cat Breeds

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