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Dogs for Disabled People

It is believed, by many of the people in the know, that you can train a dog to do just about anything and some assistance dogs are great examples of this. We all know about dogs for the blind but there are many other dogs for disabled people.

Did you know that some dogs are even taught to recognise words and pictures? For example a dog will be trained to know exactly what a toilet sign looks like, so if their partner needs a whizz they can get them there before any accidents happen.

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People with mobility disorders often end up in wheelchairs and because they are physically disabled they have to rely on family and friends. Imagine yourself in that situation and how it would make you feel you know that you are a burden. It can only lead to frustration and resentment but, there are several institutions that now train dogs specifically to aid these people.

If you have a hankering to help out in this truly rewarding service industry, there are several ways you can. Some of the training centres for these dogs look for foster homes for their pups, others even let you assist with the training of the dogs.

If you want an even more hands on approach then why not enrol you best friend in one of the institutes that provide therapy dogs to visit nursing homes and hospitals.

Click on the link below to find a list of centres that train service dogs, browse through them and you may find one that appeals to you.

Dogs for disabled people are trained to do the most amazing things from opening doors to turning on lights. These dogs provide disabled people with an independence that can only be dreamed of for most of them. Many of the people that have an assistance dog partner can move away from home and live quite happily on their own, some are even able to return to work.

Deaf people can get an assistance dog that can be their ears. They can alert them to danger, let them know if someone is calling their name, let them know if a baby is crying amongst many other things.

People are now also making use of their incredible sense of smell. A dog has over 200 000 000 sensors in its nose, that is 150 000 000 more than humans.

Apparently our odours change very subtly when we are ill and these dogs are trained to recognise certain signals to warn their partners of things such as a lower blood sugar levels.

There is even research on using dogs to detect cancer. It has been found that they are able to detect the onset of cancer well before any man made procedures can and they are 100% accurate. So much so that there is even a research centre that is trying to replicate a dog nose. This machine thing is huge, almost the size of a truck, which just goes to show how amazing the dog nose really is.

There are ways you can help out too. Many of the centres that train dogs for the disabled use foster care for their puppies. This is a great way to get a pet and not have a long term commitment. more

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