Crazy Critters
Small Fluffy and Full of Character

Some of these small crazy critters are ideal starter pets for kids. But, another big but, some of them will require a lot more care for a lot longer, so before adopting one of these really cute bundles please check on their needs and lifespan.

My kids would if left to their own devices become major pet hoarders but I know that at the end of the day I will be the one taking care of the pet while they will be the ones reaping all the benefits. If you are already busting your butt to fit everything into your day be very cautious when agreeing to a new pet.

These little cuties may look like an easy way out, to appease nagging kids, but they all require care and attention and cages that will need to be kept clean.

I agree wholeheartedly that giving a pet to a child will teach him responsibility but a valuable lesson I learned, too late I might add, about children is that the part of their brain that understands consequences of actions does not develop until they are in their twenties.

This explains why you find yourself repeating things over and over and also why you often look at your kids and think why are you doing the same thing again didn’t you learn your lesson the last time.

Now I hope I haven’t completely turned you off ever adopting a gorgeous bundle of fluff because despite all the work involved they can be a great investment of your time with a reward far outweighing any.

The benefits of pets can never be under estimated especially if you are introducing it early into a child’s life. They can teach children about compassion and bestow them with a sense of responsibility. This does not mean you hand your kid a hamster and some instructions and let them get on with it. You will need to participate from the sidelines in order to avoid unfortunate mishaps and a large garden graveyard.

These pets are also available for adoption at many of the rescue centres and some of them even have their own adoption websites, so before going out and buying one why not take a gander and see if you can’t adopt a crazy critter that is need of a loving caring home.

Owning a pet is not for everyone and that doesn’t make you a bad person. Rather someone who is being totally realistic about your lifestyle. Taking on a pet is a responsibility and unless you love animals you will not benefit anything.

A Maintenance Free Pet

Crazy Critter Maintenance Free Pet

There is whole list of things you need to take into consideration before bringing home a new crazy critter, space, time, needs to mention a few.

To make things a little easier we will be providing you with some helpful info and tips on the more popular of the crazy critters that people adopt.

Keeping Rabbits as Pets

Bunny basics, how long they live, what do they need and a little about training them. Yep you can train a pet rabbit, that is of course, after you have caught it.

Rabbit Care

The three most important things in bunny care are hygiene, good food and lots of love. In fact just like us, meet these needs and they will be healthy and happy.

Guinea Pigs

The most addictive pets to own, the chocolate of pets, once you have one it is very hard to resist another.

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