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We have poked around to find some of the best dog products around, feel free to browse, you never know something may catch your eye, and be sure to bookmark this page and come back from time to time as we will be adding new stuff all the time.

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Buster Food Cube

Advert Buster Food Cube

Mentally stimulate your dog with a treat toy. The level of difficulty can be changed accordingly.

It is very durable as long as you close it properly and your dog will love it.

Buster Food Cube comes in two sizes large and mini.

Rated 4 out of 5

Available from Amazon - Colors May Vary

Chuckit! Ball Launcher (Colors Vary)

Advert Chuckit Stick

This is especially good for those dogs with over active slobber glands. You can easily pick the ball up with the handle and launch the ball quite a distance without ever even having to touch it.

Once you lose the balls – which you will – you can either replace them here or use normal tennis balls.

Rated 5 out of 5

Chuckit! Ball Launcher (Colors Vary)

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T Shirt

Advert Don't Touch My Dog T Shirt

Don't Touch My Dog (He just ate poop)

White T shirt avaiable in different sizes.

Great for wearing when you are out walking your dog.

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Dog Books

Vetinary Secrets Revealed

Books Vets Secrets Revealed

Treat your pets at home with these insiders tips from a vet.

Find out more...

Dr Dogs Behaviour Solutions

Books Dr Dog's Behaviour Solutions

Written by Dr Dennis Fetko known as Dr Dog to all his radio fans.

Find out more...

How to Protect Your Pet From Fleas

Books Protect Your Pet From Fleas

Finally someone has taken the time to do all the research and in the process has discovered how to whip the jumpers right out of your home.

Find out more...

Pitbulls Revealed

Books Pit Bulls

Don't let all the negative press put you off. Pitbulls are awesome dogs and with this helpful guide you will know all the secrets to their behaviour.

Find out more...

Mastiff Mastery

Books Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff or bull headed either way a big dog so this book will help you maintain your alpha dog status.

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Boxer Dog Secrets

Books Boxers

Boxers have the strangest habits, and often trying to figure them out is a riddle. Learn their secrets

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Golden Retrievers

Books Golden Retriever

Everything you need to know about one of the most intelligent canines.

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The Ultimate Jack Russell Guide

Books Jack Russells

Yeh you are going to need this in order to be the master of this dog.

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The Ultimate Chihuahua Handbook

Books Chihuahuas

How to care for these delicate little demons.

Find out more...

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Cool Dog Products

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