Cat Tails

Here you can get together with other cat people and tell us your cat tails, share your advice or just generally rant about kitty cats.

Being owned by a cat can be a wondrous experience and there are often times when you just wish you could share the joy that living with one of the creatures provides.

Even if you don’t have a cat tail you can always just chime in and add your bit to the cat tails here.


  • Give your story a title. For example My Crazy Cats Antics
  • Use a word document to write your story. In order for it to be published on the site it must be longer than 300 words. Don’t fuss too much about spelling and grammar as I review each submission.
  • You can also send up to four photos of your cat.

I will notify you once we receive your story and again once it has been accepted for publication.

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