Cool Cat Names and Meanings
Here Kitty Kitty!

This is the part where we indulge ourselves because no matter what name you give your cat the chances of them coming when called are well...

Still ‘The Cat’ does not seem to suffice and cats are, after all, regal creatures so let us forge forward and find an appropriate name for your cat.

These are my favourites.


Photo by Hervé de Brabandére

Belina is an Italian Beauty. The Sophia Loren of the cat world.


Slightly gaga. I have no idea where this one comes from but it still seems to suit several cats that I have met.

GEORGE in George of the Jungle

Tree huggers unite. This is a good name for high flying cats that are always in the tree or on the roof. Basically anywhere out of reach.

PEPE (pepp-e) in Pepe le Pew

I am ze locksmith of love

Photo by Trisha Shears

Funky Casanova

Pepe le Pew is a skunk from Looney tunes.


Doesn’t he just look like a heartbreaker?

If you need a definition for this one then I seriously need to know what planet are you from?


Photo by Boris Benko

Belly aching feline. The grouch who is just, well, grouchy. An obvious choice for one of the more vocal pet cats.

If at any time you want to add to the list please just leave a comment.

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