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Let me start by saying that I will not lay claim to knowing why a cat does what it does, all I can do is speculate and hope that any prospective cat owner will learn, as I have had to, that cats will do exactly as they please.

I mean why is it that cats will deliberately ignore any of your affection and yet just let someone with a feline phobia walk into a room and there’s the cat, vigorous in his attempt to seduce the non believer.

Maybe cats just have a perverted sense of humour, but whatever it is they will never decline the challenge of converting the poor suffering phobic.

Cats Scratch

One of the first things you will learn about your cats behaviour is they love to scratch.

Cats need to scratch and they cannot understand why you have all this wonderful scratchy type stuff around and you won’t share it with them.

They will quite happily claw their way through your furniture leaving it in tatters. They also take great pleasure in kneading your body parts with all claws well exposed.

I have found if I just clap my hands and redirect the attention of the cat she will move away, but then again sometimes she will just ignore me and carry on with the task at hand.

Lazy Cats

Lazy cats are not really lazy they are just extremely vain. Their many positions of repose merely display them in all their magnificent glory. They are only lying still so that you can admire them all the more.

Trying to get them to do exercise is well, an exercise in futility. They will merely stalk off and find another warm spot to lie in.


As I have already mentioned cats are hunters, this is the most primal of all cat behaviour, and they will often bring their prize catch of the day home.

Just like the fishermen they will expect you to be exuberant in your praise. One of my cats even took it one step further.

His favourite prey was geckos, and after stalking and successfully capturing his prey he would munch through it and then regurgitate it right next to the bed.

Morning comes and after a stretch and a yawn you put your first foot onto the floor right into...yep a pile of regurgitated you know what.

This is an act of love, it is well planned and this is his way of showing his gratitude, cats are very generous in this way and will often share their food with you.

Only by human standards is this cat behaviour cruel, not to any of the members of the animal kingdom.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

One of the amazing things about cat behaviour is their inquiring mind. Although outwardly they will present this persona of indifference there will always be something worth exploring, just like the neighbourhood gossip they need to know where everything is.

If you don’t want them to get into something any attempt to stop them will only make them more curious. They will feign disinterest until you give up, as soon as you move away they will be right back to explore and to find out exactly what it is that you feel you need to hide from them.

They can climb and jump so nothing is sacred, but do not concern yourself too much over their safety they have a strong sense of self preservation. One warning though, always check the washing machine before your close the door!

Scaredy Cats

Most cats will display fear at some times in their lives but this is normal and borne from a survival instinct, but there are some cats that are just scared of everything. These cats require a great deal of patience and understanding.

This is a rescue cat that was doomed for euthanasia. The people who took her in have tried all they can to socialise her but she is still timid and very anti social.

Luckily for her she lives with a very understanding family who have even given her a room of her own, it is her little sanctuary where she feels safe.

A Cat in Heat

A cat in heat if denied a lover will roam the streets caterwauling and carrying on like the world is about to end. Trying to keep them in is futile but letting them out ...well that means kittens.

It is also very difficult to tell if your cat is in heat but she will soon let you and the whole neighbourhood and probably the people in the next county know.

Cat Spraying

Don’t think that because your Tom cat is neutered that you will live in happy ignorance of the delightful aroma produced by cat sprays. Sorry for you, even neutered cats spray.

Male cats are by nature fighters and will spend a considerable amount of time staking out their territory. They will mark everything the door frames, chairs, curtains yep just about anywhere.

When they reach adolescence they become consumed by the urges and once again keeping them in is futile and letting them out means....

Cat Fights

They will often return all muddy and bedraggled sometimes even minus some body parts. This is because some cats are territorial bullies and plus I think they love to fight.

Do not attempt to separate the fighting pair, not unless you too wish to lose a body part or two, the simplest and safest method I have found is to throw a blanket over them. By the way this works with snakes too, throw a blanket over it, scream and then run and call the snake catcher.

This helps to calm them down also stops all the hissing and spitting.

Just Plan Crazy Cat Behaviour

This is the cat behaviour that can be the most entertaining while at the same time the most destructive. At a certain time of the day your cat will suddenly get it into his head that he is being chased by a great big monster.

They will arch their backs and fly around the room, up curtains across chairs over tables. There is no warning and all you can do is sit in watch in horror as your prize Ming vase tumbles to the floor. Just as suddenly he will stop turn around twice and lie down and go to sleep.

I cannot explain this cat behaviour but my suggestion is get some double sided tape, tape all your breakables down and then sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

What I am trying to tell you is that they all have their own idiosyncrasies and character traits but you have to love them.

Photo by Jack Fitzpatrick

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