I Want A Dog

I want a dog, actually you need a dog because if you adopt a dog it will lower your blood pressure. We have all heard the cliché A dog is a man's best friend, well not only is he your best friend but the benefits of being a dog owner are great.

Aside from lowering your blood pressure, studies have also shown that they will lower your cholesterol levels as well. Personally, I think this is all to do with the exercise you get when taking them on their walks.

So in giving you are receiving. Doggone good isn't it.


Doggie Stuff

We are going to start by entering the world of dog breeds purely beacuse there is some vital info that you will need to know before you get a dog.

Even if you adopt a mutt, if it bears a resemblance to any dog breed the genetics are there...

Choosing a Dog Breed

This is split into...

Big Dogs
Small Dogs
Working Dog

and these are split into...

Some awesome dogs...

Dogs For The Disabled
Assistance Dog Training Centres

Maybe you want to know and then again maybe you don't...

Dogs A La Catre Menu

Lighten your day...

Dogs are very social animals and they love company. They will even lower your stress levels although I must add they will also raise it at some point in their lives.

If you have decided that you want a dog then the next obvious step is what breed of dog you should consider. Should it be a big dog a small dog, a short haired or long haired dog?

Each breed of dog has its own good points but, remember when you adopt a dog, pedigree is no guarantee. A mutt can give you as much joy as any other type of dog.

The more care you take of them the more they will reward you. They will amuse and entertain you, make sure you get exercise and even lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels. All this is one package – amazing.Remember to like us on Facebook we need the friends.Or if you are feeling chatty Tweet about us.

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