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This is the place where you will learn all about cats, aloof, mysterious but most of all insanely funny.

To find out all about cats why not stroll through our pages, you never know the cats may teach you something along the way.

But before you do that watch this cute kitty video 'I has a blankie' starring the one and only Marmite.
This video needs sound so turn up the volume and give it a couple of seconds to load.

If this tickled your funny bone then have a look at our other video
'Shoot The Parrot' starring Jock the birdzilla of parrots.

When you adopt a cat you will need a name so take a look at our favorites...

Moving right along to...

Now for the pedigree cats

To make things easier we have divided this section into...

There are over 70 types of cats, to find your perfect kitty, visit this comprehensive list of all cat breeds.

When you have a cat you will discover that you must not expect total adulation and gratitude. In other words you will need to develop the hide of an elephant. This pet is not for the sensitive, as anyone who has been on the receiving end of one of their looks of utter disdain will tell you.

But most of all cats are funny. They say laughter is the best medicine and herein lays the conundrum. You will soon learn when you have offended or hurt your cat’s feelings by laughing at it. It may be days before you are forgiven. So for the sake of a harmonious household, whatever they do, keep a straight face.

Before you adopt a cat be sure to take a look at our checklist

All About Cats Check List

The things you need to know before you adopt a cat...

  • You will never know what is going on in the feline mind.
  • You will always feel that you need to justify yourself to your cat.
  • They are intelligent and can and will fend for themselves, but will act the way we want them to for the convenience of food.
  • Nothing is sacred, unlike dogs they can climb and climb they will.
  • They will explore your drawers, cupboards and any other interesting nooks and crannies, leaving behind a layer of cat hair.
  • Despite this they are delightful and charming companions and embody comfort and family bliss.
  • Finally if you do adopt a cat your life will be filled with plenty of entertainment.

Psst the cats love attention...

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